Social impact experience

Social impact experiences enable non-profit organizations to create interactions to support local and global causes.

The registered non-profit organization assumes the role of Host and offers an experience to support its cause. The Social Impact Experiences are included in a separate category from Airbnb, on which no cost of the service applies. Therefore 100% of the proceeds go directly to the organization. No less important is the social impact generated! The relationships that are created during these experiences allow a direct comparison on issues common to all states contributing significantly with useful indications for both interlocutors.

Our experience

Currently the association has activated a social impact experience on the city of Bergamo.

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Lorenzo & Elena

Offering an Airbnb experience with a social impact has allowed us to carry out fundraising activities, greatly increasing the visibility of the association and the awareness of the mission. Thanks to Airbnb, we have expanded our network of supporters around the world.

Lorenzo & Elena, host of the Discover Bergamo and its past experience in Bergamo